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"Opportunities is one of the most pleasant surprises of this year. In its positive outlook on the world, it is a sincere album that is communicative in content, but also pleasing musically. Among other things, by the way the two components complement each other and hold tightly together.“

Jiří V. Matýsek, musicserver, 12/2022

„The pop country song with a beautiful piano solo "It's Not the End", the pensive "When You're So Far Away", the in a good way catchy "Like the Stars", or "The Perfect Place to Live" bringing back the spirit of Crosby, Still, Nash & Young's work deserve nods of recognition.“


Roman Jireš ČTK, Rock&Pop, 1/2023

"Opportunities is a sophisticated, well-balanced, surprisingly belated debut by a mature thirty-one-year-old."

Josef Vlček, Headliner, 1/2023

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